Club House Rentals

Reserve Innsbrook Village’s Club House for Events

A wedding demands privacy and a beautiful setting to match the importance of the occasion. Peace and tranquility are essential to your business retreat, if your colleagues are going to be able to refresh their minds.

All of these things, and more, can be found at Innsbrook Village’s newly remodeled clubhouse. Located on the grounds of our gorgeous vacation resort in Ruidoso, New Mexico, it can host up to 75 guests, and is available for all functions. An in-house kitchen makes catering or cooking for the event easy. In order to book the clubhouse, guests must rent three homes at Innsbrook. If you rent five or more Units,we’ll give you the clubhouse for one day free.

  • Just pay the cleaning fee ($50; all prices before tax) and it’s yours!

Are you interested in using our clubhouse for your next event? Please find our rental rates and requirements below.

Innsbrook Condos Clubhouse Rentals

Off season rates (January 6th through April 30th and the month of October)

During the week half days for $80 (8 am – 1 pm or 1 pm – 10 pm) plus tax ; whole days $120 plus tax (8 am – 10 pm) plus tax; weekends are $100 for half days and $160 for whole days..

Peak months rates (May 1 – September 31 and November 1 – January 5), $140 for half days plus tax and $200 for whole days plus tax.

In the summer, you must cancel your reservation before March 1st. For all other times of the year, it must be done six weeks prior to arrival. Cancellation after the said date will result in non-reimbursement of cleaning fee.

Innsbrook Condos Clubhouse Rentals for Events

When booking the clubhouse, customers must pay the cleaning fee of $50 + tax and full payment is due 2 weeks prior to arrival. Here is a complete list of policies and requirements for use of the space:

  • Renter is required to clean the refrigerator, and pick up any trash off the floors, clean and store dishes and utensils, and all trust must be taken to the dumpster by the clubhouse.
  • The Club House, patio, and grounds must be left in condition found. Extra cleaning fees will be required if carpet needs cleaning or extra time is required to clean.
  • Guests are responsible for all loss or damage.
  • Maximum number of guests cannot exceed 75 unless prior approval from the manager is granted.
  • No loud music or noise outside after 10 pm.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the clubhouse.
  • Chairs and tables must be returned to their original locations.
  • No changes to the wall or ceiling.
  • 1 key will be provided to renter. All Club House doors and windows must be locked upon leaving. The clubhouse key opens the kitchen door only.
  • Any exception to the above rules must be approved in writing prior to rental.
  • Innsbrook Club House
  • Clubhouse with Patio and Shufleboard Courts
  • Children's Playground
  • Clubhouse Interior
  • Reception Area in Clubhouse
  • Inside Innsbrook's Clubhouse
  • Meeting Room inside Innsbrook's Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse Kitchen
  • Innsbrook's Clubhouse with Kitchen
  • Kitchen Area in Innsbrook Clubhouse