A Guide to Everything in Ruidoso

New people to Ruidoso might find things challenging to navigate considering it can be difficult to explain and show the beauty and best experiences you can find in the city. That’s why knowing the place you are visiting ahead of time, and all that it has to offer can be important to making sure you have the best time possible in Ruidoso. Therefore, here’s the town of Ruidoso for a newcomer to understand.

14492955_SThe Emergency Necessities

In any town the first places you should always know are your emergency spots. These include: the police department, which is located on Mechem Dr., and can be contacted by phone at (575) 258-7365; the fire stations, which are located in a number of spots with the main branch on Sudderth Drive, and can be contacted by phone at (575) 257-3473 Extension 1452; and finally the hospital with emergency room which is located on Sudderth Drive as well, and can be contracted by phone at (575) 257-8200.

The Helpful Places

Once you have your emergency locations, you’ll need to make sure you can get where you want to go, and that means obtaining information. Places like the library, which is located at Kansas City Road and can be contacted by phone at (575) 258-3704, will provide more generic information and give you a hotspot for some local events that might be going on. While hubs such as the Ruidoso convention center will be places you’ll want to check in with ahead of time to see what kind of events they offer to interact with other people. The Chamber of Commerce on Sudderth Drive is also another helpful place (800)253-7395.

The Comfort Zones

Then comes all the areas you need for just living and functioning around Ruidoso.

The first thing is decided where you want to stay. There are cabins, resorts, hotels, or just campgrounds to choose from. Each one offers an entirely different experience to explore Ruidoso. There is such a large selection of each of these different types that the best that can be offered is an entire list of lodgings that should help you with selecting the kind of place that will be best for you. If you are looking for more of a nature experience though then cabins or campgrounds are your best bet. But if you want something that is more pampered then go for resorts.

The Places to Entertain

With your place to stay taken care of, you just need to worry about what you will be eating and what you will be doing when it comes to exploring Ruidoso. And once again we have a large selection at our disposal. Because of the assortment between restaurants, bars, and cafes, you will need to go hunting for the meal you are looking for with help from this list.

11091358_SAs for entertainment, there are a few areas that can be offered which are more specific.

If you are staying at a Cabin then taking up some fishing is definitely the way to go with the lake nearby. But if you are looking for things that are more historical then you have places like the Dowlin’s Old Mill on Sudderth Drive, or the nearby Fort Stanton with a number of well-kept sites. If you are looking for outdoors but more around the mountain then you have gondola rides that go to the top of the Sierra Blanca, or the Iris Farm and Gallery. Or if you are looking for those gaming times, there is a ridiculous amount of casinos at your disposal.

If this guide doesn’t help you out then you may just not be interested in truly visiting Ruidoso. And why would you not want to visit? There’s plenty to be seen and had.